Does LEADING your nonprofit feel like playing a relentless game of WHACK-A-MOLE?

Do you wish you had ... More time? More money?

Are you ready to help more people and create MORE impact?

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with Sarah Olivieri, MPS and the PivotGround team

  • It’s time to Reignite your spark and fall back in love with your job
  • It's time to get out of the weeds, take control of your day and be more effective
  • It's time to reclaim the brainspace to operate more strategically
  • It’s time to transform how you run your organisation and become the leader you set out to be

The OTHER side: what life looks like for our THRiVERS

(This is what my students say they've gained from participating)

How different would your life be if...

  • You had a clear strategic plan and (reclaimed) time to implement it so you have absolute clarity on your goals and a clear roadmap to reach them
  • Solid structures and frameworks in place making you more efficient, productive and streamlined and giving you more time to lead, rather than manage
  • Your Board became a powerhouse – fully aligned with your vision and mission and clear on their role – and board meetings filled you with purpose and energy (imagine THAT!)
  • Increased fundraising AND programming capacity grows your impact AND fills you with joy
  • Donor retention is at an all-time high and with new fundraising strategies in place you feel that thrilling breathlessness and anticipation as you forge new plans to have more impact
  • You quadrupled the number of people you serve because you’re finally operating strategically and working on the needle-moving, impact-making changes you envisioned when you started
  • You recruited key additional roles which freed up your time to focus on the important stuff instead of getting sabotaged by relentlessly urgent tasks
  • You finally achieved Financial sustainability giving you the freedom and breathing space to build more capacity, forge new partnerships and expand your impact

And the effects ripple out beyond your professional life...

  • That Sunday night knot in your belly has gone and your weekends are filled with ease and joy because you no longer feel spent, and exhausted
  • You book your first real vacation in years and relax and recharge deeply; and when you return there are no fires to put out (and you don’t spend your first week back wishing you’d never gone)
  • Your relationships feel joyful because you're energised and filled with anticipation for the new opportunities unfolding
  • You THRIVE, personally and professionally. You've reignited your spark and reconnected with your purpose – and it shows: you become known as a thought leader. You build a reputation for making a difference. You win awards.

What could the impact be for you?

"So much has changed and shifted this year that has put us in such a better place. We have a good reputation, we have good salaries, we have good benefits. My team is like clockwork. My new board is actually involved and invested. Everything feels really good."

"...we could do more with less time."

" really made a huge difference."

"... She spent her time addressing my issues."

"... like an oxygen mask."

Take a small step to create a BIG impact...

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Your Master Trainer & Coach

Sarah Olivieri, MPS

Sarah Olivieri is a true business visionary in the nonprofit space. She’s an international best-selling author, globally renowned speaker and Founder of PivotGround, which supports nonprofits to become financially sustainable world-changers.

She has two decades of nonprofit leadership experience and she’s poured her insight, expertise and vast knowledge into creating The Impact Method™️.

As the former director of 3 nonprofits and founder of 5 for-profit businesses, she understands, deeply, the challenges and complexities facing organizations. But she has a fundamentally different way of looking at things; an ability to see a kernel of opportunity, to flip a problem on its head, to understand which levers to pull for success. And those abilities have helped her salvage, soothe and shape countless nonprofits and lift them from the brink of insolvency to become thriving, profitable, impact-making businesses.

Direct but gracious, down to earth, brilliant, witty and wise, Sarah is not afraid to (compassionately) tell you if you’re making a mistake or to elegantly and delicately help you re-engineer your leadership team’s responsibilities. She has the kind of brain-power and clarity of thought that will help you cut right to the heart of what’s needed and she’ll support you to make the changes that will transform the impact you AND your organization will have.

Sarah Olivieri is a #1 international bestselling author, holds a BA from the University of Chicago with a focus on globalization and its effect on marginalized cultures, and a master's degree in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz.

If You Read This Far,

I want to leave you with a final thought...

What is the

cost of inaction?

Of doing nothing different.

Of continuing to try and fire-fight your way through this, solo.

Of not becoming a THRiVER with me?

Because the saddest part of my job is when I've had conversations with leaders I KNOW I can help and when I follow-up, I go to their website and... it’s not there anymore.

They didn’t make it.

And like I said earlier – what you do really matters. You’re working to eliminate poverty, hunger, suffering and so when your organization falters, that means all the children, all the families, all the people whose lives your work impacted don’t get the help they so desperately needed.

And the gut-wrenching kick-in-the-teeth for me is that I KNOW (And I've proven again and again with my 100% success rate) that if we’d worked together, they’d still be here, still be doing that great work.

Because I’ve turned around nonprofits - in the middle of a pandemic - which have had:

  • A major cash-flow crisis they didn’t think they'd recover from
  • Their main source of funding dry up and no idea what to do next
  • No money to pay staff

I’ve literally turned them around, brought them back from the brink of insolvency and helped them build back up and flourish.

In fact, I have a knack for conquering what might seem impossible.

(When we get to know each other better, ask me about the mission-impossible controlled nuclear explosion I pulled off as an undergrad.)

So, let's do this now before your to-do list swallows you up again


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