Beyond Hiring: Effective Strategies for Expanding Your Team

Unlock the Secrets of Effective Nonprofit Staffing

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With Sarah "the money" Olivieri

Nonprofit Business Visionary

Could your nonprofit use more staff?

In the world of nonprofits, passion and purpose drive us. But to truly maximize our impact, we need more than just heart – we need the right team. Discover a framework designed specifically for nonprofits to navigate the complexities of staffing, regardless of budget constraints.

In this 1.5-hour advanced training you’ll learn:

  • Two brand spanking new insights into nonprofit growth - no matter who you are, once you employ these two forces, you’ll revolutionize your approach to fulfilling your mission.
  • How to take a traditional org. chart and make it agile and responsive - Once this happens, then unparalleled team efficiency will fall right into your lap.
  • The surprising truth about hiring and letting go - knowing both the good and bad catapults you to leadership excellence.

  • The top mistake nonprofits make when staffing up - including how some nonprofits screwed up their growth even though they had resources. (Here’s how you can sidestep this fate which impacts your mission's effectiveness).

  • The exact blueprinting for building your nonprofit dream-team - Once you have this, the sky is your limit.
  • Two key steps most nonprofits miss in the hiring process - Plus the entire step-by-step hiring process we teach in the THRiVE program

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Join Sarah Olivieri, MPS for this one-of-a-kind advanced training for nonprofit leaders.

Dear Nonprofit Leader,

Imagine your nonprofit not just surviving, but thriving, fully staffed, with your mission-driven dream team!

For years, I watched as passionate nonprofits crumbled under the weight of being overworked and understaffed.

With over 2 decades of nonprofit leadership experience as the former executive director of three nonprofits, member of five boards, having spoken with hundreds of nonprofit leaders and through deep consulting and coaching work with over 40 nonprofits... I've seen the same kinds of issues emerge again and again

At the top of the list? Being understaffed, especially at the leadership level!

I firmly believe that the right staffing is not just about filling a position. It's about building a cohesive unit that's as passionate and capable as you are.

That's why I’ve developed this Advanced training. Leveraging my extensive experience and insights from the THRiVE program, I’ll be offering you concrete strategies and insights to take your nonprofit's staffing to the next level.

Who It’s For:

✅ Nonprofits experiencing high staff turnover.

✅ Organizations struggling to attract and retain skilled talent.

✅ Leaders eager for actionable strategies, not just theoretical advice.

Who It’s Not For:

❌ Organizations looking for a quick, temporary fix.

❌ Those not willing to reevaluate and adapt their current staffing strategies.

❌ Nonprofits who don't need more or better staff.

Visualize your organization, where every team member is aligned, passionate, and committed. Envision project teams executing missions seamlessly, with each member playing to their strengths. And never having to worry about being understaffed or finding the right people.

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Sarah Olivieri, MPS
Nonprofit Business Visionary & Master Trainer
Founder @ PivotGround
Creator of: The Impact Method®️

Your Master Trainer & Coach

Sarah Olivieri, MPS

Sarah Olivieri is a true business visionary in the nonprofit space. She’s an international best-selling author, globally renowned speaker and Founder of PivotGround, which supports nonprofits to become financially sustainable world-changers.

She has two decades of nonprofit leadership experience and she’s poured her insight, expertise and vast knowledge into creating The Impact Method™️.

As the former director of 3 nonprofits and founder of 5 for-profit businesses, she understands, deeply, the challenges and complexities facing organizations. But she has a fundamentally different way of looking at things; an ability to see a kernel of opportunity, to flip a problem on its head, to understand which levers to pull for success. And those abilities have helped her salvage, soothe and shape countless nonprofits and lift them from the brink of insolvency to become thriving, profitable, impact-making businesses.

Direct but gracious, down to earth, brilliant, witty and wise, Sarah is not afraid to (compassionately) tell you if you’re making a mistake or to elegantly and delicately help you re-engineer your leadership team’s responsibilities. She has the kind of brain-power and clarity of thought that will help you cut right to the heart of what’s needed and she’ll support you to make the changes that will transform the impact you AND your organization will have.

Sarah Olivieri is a #1 international bestselling author, holds a BA from the University of Chicago with a focus on globalization and its effect on marginalized cultures, and a master's degree in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz.

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