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Every program combines targeted coaching with simple yet powerful frameworks that get results fast and keep working long into the future.

1-Day Retreat

IMPACT Retreat

Do you feel like you might be wasting time in board meetings?

The 1-Day IMPACT Retreat for nonprofit leaders and board members will make your nonprofit more effective while finally making the job of a board member crystal clear! Join LIVE from your virtual office or schedule a custom 1-1 experience with your board.

In this 1-Day online interactive retreat experience your board will walk away with:

  • A radically simple new way of defining the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board
  • A method and process for implementing efficient and effective communication with your board
  • The roadmap to a beautiful and healthy relationship with your board
  • A framework for involving your board in fundraising, budgets and the operational aspects of your nonprofit
  • A light at the end of the tunnel that will lead your nonprofit to ultimate IMPACT potential

Upcoming Retreat:

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023 10am – 4:30pm ET

Or apply to have this retreat custom delivered 1-1 with your board.

CEO Training Program


This 12-month program is designed to guide you through the strategy and tactics of scaling your impact AND give you a framework for success you will never outgrow. In the THRiVE program you will learn the Impact Method™, get hands-on support in implementing it at your organization and ongoing support in growing and scaling your organization as you begin to benefit from using the Impact Method™.


How Nonprofits Can Organize Their Boards to Maximize Impact

Join Sarah Olivieri, MPS, creator of the Impact Method™️, for this one of a kind Masterclass for nonprofit leaders and board members.

Share it with your entire board. Available on-demand for 12 months.

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PivotGround will empower you with the tools to free up the time and brain space to focus on what matters most at your nonprofit.

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