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The following programs are by invitation only for approved applicants. We want to make sure we are a great fit to work together and that you are getting a solution that will actually meet your needs and achieve meaningful results. Completing an application is the first step. There is no cost to apply and it only takes a few minutes. Once you submit your application we will review it manually and take a look at your website and online presence. Sometimes we will follow up to get additional information from you. From there, if you are approved we will make a reccomendation on the best approach for you and provide you with the informaiton you need to make an informed choice.

Every program combines targeted coaching with simple yet powerful frameworks that get results fast and keep working long into the future.


The Complete Solution for Building a Thriving Nonprofit

The THRiVE program is designed to help you tame the complexity of running a nonprofit, so you can spend less time in the weeds and more time making an impact. THRiVE empowers nonprofit CEOs to take control of their day, foster healthy work cultures, and make a bigger impact.

This 12-month program is designed to guide you through the strategy and tactics of scaling your impact AND give you a framework for success you will never outgrow.

Live Done With You Programs

These programs are included in the THRiVE Program

and open to individual enrollment by invitation only for approved applicants.

Live Impact Method™️ Intensive

While the world is turning to more automation, education wise we are leaning into more irreplaceable live human interaction! We will train you (and your team if they want to join) in the entire Impact Method™️ LiVE over 10 weekly sessions held via Zoom.

You can join this intensive to implement the Impcat Method™️ the first time or up-level your skills after you have done the initial implementation.


More learning, more fun, better results!

Fix Your Funding Intensive

💵🤑💰 Who wants lots more money?! Unrestricted money?! Money that you don't have to sell your soul for or learn complicated internet marketing to get?!

In this learn and take action intensive you'll build a base of major donors that will fuel your growth right away and for years to come.

  • How to find major donors
  • How to make first contact
  • How to get them to give
  • How to get them to raise money for you
  • How to know what to say to them


Sustainable fundraising income!

Live Board Retreat

The 1-Day IMPACT Retreat for nonprofit leaders and board members will make your nonprofit more effective while finally making the job of a board member crystal clear!

The retreat includes a mixture of lectures and breakout sessions throughout the day.

  • Increase your board’s level of confidence and commitment
  • Gain clarity in governance roles and responsibilities
  • Build a solid foundation based on vision, commitment, and trust, on which to move forward in a highly focused and functional manner


You will spend less time “managing” your board and more time having real IMPACT with your board.


5 Simple Steps to Achieving a High-Performing Nonprofit Board

Join Sarah Olivieri, MPS, creator of the Impact Method™️, for this one of a kind Masterclass for nonprofit leaders and board members.


The 4 Part Framework For Staffing Up

Join Sarah Olivieri, MPS, creator of the Impact Method™️, for this one of a kind Masterclass for nonprofit leaders who want to add more staff.

Our Mission

PivotGround will empower you with the tools to free up the time and brain space to focus on what matters most at your nonprofit.

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© 2024 Olivieri's Inc. dba PivotGround All Rights Reserved