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Sarah Olivieri

Nonprofit Business Strategist

Sarah Olivieri is a nonprofit business strategist, #1 International Best Selling author, and former Executive Director. She has spoken at over a dozen conferences and online trainings and has been a featured expert on more than 50 podcasts. Sarah is the creator of the Impact Method™ - a framework that helps nonprofits simplify their operations, build aligned teams, and make a bigger impact without getting overwhelmed or burning out.

Sarah received her BA from the University of Chicago with a focus on globalization and its effect on marginalized cultures, and holds a master's degree in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz.

Sarah has over 15 years of nonprofit leadership experience. She was the co-founder of the Open Center for Autism, the Executive Director of the Helping of War Foundation, and co-author of Lesson Plan a la Carte: Integrated Planning for Students with Special Needs.

As the founder and heart behind PivotGround, Sarah helps nonprofits make a big impact with relative ease.

Keynote Topic

Why You Should Ditch the Way You’ve Been Doing Strategic Plans 

With the rise of the internet and the impact of big data, the world has changed. Unfortunately, most nonprofits can’t move or adapt at a pace that is the new normal and the standard model for strategic planning hasn’t been updated to meet the demands of this new world. It’s time to throw out your strategic plan and embrace a better way. In this workshop you’ll learn the core principles for thriving in the digital age and a new way of setting goals that connects your daily activities to your larger mission. Concepts birthed by the shapers of the internet such as agile principles, working in sprints, iterative project development, and more should inform how you operate, empower your team to become a team of leaders, and help you pivot into the future.

Other Topics

  • [Marketing] The one thing about marketing that nobody is talking about, but that you need to know to succeed
  • [Financial Leadership] Connect your budget to your goals




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Leading Interview Questions

  • What does traditional strategic planning fall flat
  • What can Executive Directors do to get more time back in their day?
  • What do you wish every new nonprofit knew about suceeding?
  • What lead you to develop the Impact Method™
  • On a personal note:
  • Ask Sarah about her time in Spain, Tanzania, Cuba, or Japan, her passion for racing sailboats, and her thoughts on raising a young boy in the digital age.

Speaking Impact

Sarah's style come across as effortless and natural. She made budgeting less scary by breaking down best practices into easy and actionable concepts.

Sarah was a joy to listen to. She has lots of personality and her presentation was informative, well received, and very on brand for our audience. Attendees walked away with insightful information and guidance.

Sarah is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and engaging speaker. Sarah's presentation was very informative and action oriented. There was engagement right from the beginning and  audience could use her information straight after the webinar if they wanted to.

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CEO of Bloomerang

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Marketing Programs Manager, Wild Apricot

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